Prednisone is known to have some extraordinary anti-inflammatory vitacost properties, which makes it a great substance for a number of. It is usually taken orally, but under proper administration and if needed to act quickly, this particular drug can be supplied using intramuscular at this site injections.

The substance is particularly effective in many immune system disorders as it is known to have strong immuno-depressant qualities. It is for this reason only that this drug is used extensively to there stimulate the immune system against diseases like asthma and allergies. Although this particular drug has many uses, it is also a great at this site tumor suppressant as well, when used with some other drugs. Still, there are many common side effects of prescription drugs that are accompanied with Prednisone source usage.

Adrenal suppression is one of the most visible and felt side effects of long term use of this type of. Adrenal suppression is the term used to refer to a condition wherein the body is unable to manufacture certain corticosteroids and becomes highly dependent on this drug for doing so. Therefore, patients who have been consuming this substance for more than a week at length are advised against stopping this particular drug use all of a sudden to prevent such Prednisone side effects. Doing so can lead to Addison's disease, which is a fatal disease if left unchecked.

Patients suffering from diabetes and other conditions which require the glucose levels in the blood to increase might experience ultra-high glucose levels in the blood after the use of this drug. Insomnia, Euphoria and suppressed tendency to think are some of the other short term side effects associated with this drug consumption.

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