Foods can make things worse, meaning that food can be a prime mistake. Knowledge is power, and that is why one diagnosed with Crohn's must be aware, as well as follow, the Crohn's diet to avoid poisonous food. Poisonous foods are defined as foods that encourage pain, and can include rough foods, or also known as foods with a high texture density.

Such poisonous foods include excess fiber, which irritates the GI tract that is already inflamed and sensitive, causing pain. Also, processed foods due to the stress they put on one's digestive track that will sap energy from someone. Processed foods also irritate inflammation, encourage excessive bathroom usages, and create pain all, or mostly from, the sugars processed foods indirectly contain.

After identifying these poisonous foods, it's avoiding them that is the next crucial, and difficult part. The only way to avoid such foods is to attach a negative there thought, be it emotional or financial on said poisons. This psychological association encourages one to avoid these foods. One way is to eat such food in a negative area, such as the bathroom. The bathroom is a depressing area for people with Crohn's as it is a place associated with pain. Another psychological method is to literally rip up a dollar or a fiver whenever these foods are consumed. This negative action will associate a negative feeling, and eventually, one will not want to eat said foods.

Another mistake is not being aware. Again, singlecare knowledge is. One must be aware of all the symptoms one has to accurately report to the doctor. Most people miscommunicate with doctors, which is why, for many, symptoms continue to get worse for so long. Also, one must be aware of medication. Medication is full of side effects, and knowledge, again, is the most powerful ally, and not the medicine itself, for, otherwise, the medicine will create a painful situation worse than or nearly as bad as Crohn's without medication.

Also, emotional fitness and health must be noted, which is, again, connected to self-awareness and general knowledge, and it is a mistake to ignore such fitness. Physical fitness and health, or minimizing symptoms and pain, is not enough-emotional health is just as crucial, if not more so. If emotional fitness is not strengthened, then physical vitacost fitness will be a wasted feat when defeating Crohn's. Emotional fitness is linked to motivation and disciple. Without those, the Crohn's diet won't be followed, which means Crohn's nutrition can't do its job to help minimize pain.

Prednisone: A Lesser Evil than Crohn's?

Medication should always be the last resort. The Crohn's diet came to be, to replace harmful methods of health with simply methods of health and wellness, both preventative and continual.

However, for some people, the Crohn's nutrition takes too long to be effective "enough," and medications become an evil necessity. For example, there are those who will take the side effects over those of active Crohn's. Some may simply feel better, where as others feed off the false sense of security; artificial wellness may boost emotional health, creating confidence and less stress.

Medication over the Crohn's diet is a false sense of disease remission, and some are aware of such facts, but welcome something over nothing.

Prednisone is a popularized example of a necessary evil or the lesser of two evils situation. Prednisone is a corticosteroid, or an anti-inflammatory that is used during flare ups to minimize said flare ups and its consequential pain and discomfort. The Crohn's disease diet is used for all forms of Crohn's, from weak to severe; note that Prednisone is mostly for moderate to severe forms, outlining how serious the drug is.

The main problem with this medicine is its additive quality and how it is a systematic form of the cortico-steroid. In other words, imagine Crohn's nutrition and how it affects the entire body. Now, instead of affecting the body positively, Prednisone holistically affects the entire body negatively by repelling all inflammations throughout the body-this is a serious medicine full of serious consequences.

However, there is a version of the medicine that is only localized, Budesonide, which, because it affects less of the body, it will have less side effects.

Note that any change to the body, be it positive or negative, may have side effects. For example, when starting the Crohn's diet, there may be gas, indigestion, and general discomfort until the body is used to the change in diet.

However, side effects of medicine are much harsher-those of Prednisone include: high blood pressure, moon face where water weight and/or fat is built up excessively in and around the face, increased risk of infection, overall general weight gain, acne, mood swings, psychosis, increases facial hair, cataracts, stretch marks, high blood sugar, osteoporosis, insomnia, cramps especially in the lower extremities, hunger cravings.

Note that dosage affects the potential for side effects-the more medicine one takes, the more risk. In fact, in Crohn's nutrition, for example, too much healthy greens may require longer, yet not more frequent, bathroom breaks due to fiber. For every action, here there is a reaction.

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